The success of our football program, is due to the quality of our football coaches. Many of our coaches have over ten years coaching experience, some even more. Young or inexperienced players receive personal one-on-one coaching of the fundamentals of contact football, quickly bringing them up to a level to compete. Experienced players receive advanced instruction on the intricacies of the game. Along with football instruction, emphasis is placed on other, intangible factors which affect the game, including sportsmanship, loyalty, and positive attitude. Our coaches also emphasize academic success in schools.

Division Coach E-Mail Phone
Mighty Mites James Wetherington E-mail
Pee Wee 
Ruben Fuentes E-mail
Midgets  Norman Huddy E-mail

Jr. Varsity  Dub Atkins E-mail
Varsity Casey McClain E-mail


Weight Light Weight
Mighty Mites 5-6-7 up to 85 lbs 7 up to 55 lbs
Pee Wee 7-8 up to 105 lbs 9 up to 70 lbs
Midgets 9-10 up to 125 lbs 11 up to 90 lbs
Jr. Varsity 11-12 up to 150 lbs 13 up to 115 lbs
Varsity 13-14 up to 180 lbs 15 up to 145 lbs

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